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How to Do Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Hardwood floor refinishing is a crucial element of taking care of hardwood flooring over a lifetime. Perhaps you have old hardwood flooring that you would like to restore to its former luster. Or perhaps you are in the process of purchasing a house with old, damaged, and scratched wood floors that should be refinished before you move into the house.

Choosing a Good Hardwood Floor Refinisher

Hardwood floor refinishing is done differently than typical painting, or staining, of your flooring. Although you can purchase some product in the market that claims to provide protection, it is advisable to choose a commercial hardwood floor refinisher. With this in mind, here are some ways you can save money when refinishing your floors. These tips can help you determine how much hardwood floor refinishing is worth the while:

Eliminate all water damage. Usually, there is water damage all over the hardwood floor surfaces, and these spots can even be deep. Water can seep through small crevices and ruin the finish of the wood floors, leaving them dull and looking patchy. To minimize the amount of water and stains that seep into the surface of your hardwood flooring, you should clean up spills immediately after they happen. Use a mild detergent and water and wipe the area quickly to prevent water spots from appearing.

When to Hire a Professional Floor Refinisher

Ask for the services of a professional hardwood floor refinisher. There are some homeowners who feel like they can do the hardwood floor refinishing on their own. However, there are times when a little professional help is necessary. There are times when the solutions are very severe and require the expertise of a professional. When in doubt, ask a professional hardwood floor refinisher like Truman Steemers. If you are thinking of trying to refinish your own floors, ask some friends or take a trip to your local home improvement store to get advice from a knowledgeable employee. You may need to decide whether to do the hardwood floor refinishing yourself or hire a professional to do it. Hiring a professional will give you the ease-of-mind knowing that it will be done right and with better-than-average results. Refinishing one's own hardwood floors can be an excellent way to save money, but it can also be quite difficult and may not give you the same great result that a professional can give you.

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Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Get a professional seal. When you have hardwood floor refinishing done to a scratched or stained surface, it will be easier to cover up the imperfections if you get a professional seal to fill in the scratches. Some sealers have a built-in protector that protects the wood floors even when they are newly refinished. You can save money by buying the sealer at the same time you buy the hardwood floor refinishing kit, but you may want to do some research to find out which ones are best for your type of wood. You can ask your contractor to apply a satin finish to your floor or to use some kind of protective coating to prevent more damage from occurring.

Use mats or rugs. Hardwood floor refinishing can sometimes help you to cover up scratches and damage without marring the new look of your floor. You can place small rugs at entrance points and on furniture to protect the whole room from dirt and dust. You can also use area rugs or carpet with a vinyl backing rather than just buying a mat. This helps to keep dirt out of the rugs and to protect the wood floors from more wear and tear.

Be careful. Do not go through the hardwood floor refinishing process if you don't have any experience, that would make it unsafe for you. Some chemicals need to be used with caution.

Different Kinds of Hardwood Floors

It is important to understand the types of wood used in your home as well. You need to know the grain structure of each individual board. For example, oak is much stronger and has fewer cracks than maple. Other woods are more durable and are much lighter in weight than pine. Knowing these facts will help you choose the right hardwood floor refinishing work to do.

Do I Need to Sand My Hardwood Floors?

The last, and often asked question, are about the sanding process. Sanding is a crucial part of every type of refinishing job. It must be done properly or the outcome will be less than what we desire. There are different types of Sanders available for different tasks. Each product has its own benefits and drawbacks. The best way to decide which type of sander will be best for the hardwood floor refinishing job that you are doing is to talk to an expert or research the different products on the market. Homeowners are often surprised to find out that they actually don't need to sand their hardwood floors. In some cases, needing to sand hardwood floors can be avoided. Have a Truman Steemers hardwood floor expert evaluate your floors to help you decided if sanding will be necessary.

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